Kinderkraft Balance Bike Rapid Blue Sapphire



Kinderkraft Balance Bike Rapid Blue Sapphire is fast, lightweight and makes a strong statement.

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Kinderkraft Balance Bike Rapid Blue Sapphire

Kinderkraft Balance Bike Rapid Blue Sapphire is fast, lightweight and makes a strong statement. It’s a balance bike for young lovers of city trips and park adventures. It’s refined
down to the very last detail. It stands out not only thanks to its retro style, but also its many practical solutions. It features large, pumped up wheels tyres with ball bearings (30 cm diameter), and the ergonomic seat allows a large range of height adjustment. RAPID also has limited handlebar turning, which protects your child against uncontrolled turning while riding.

• The durable and lightweight magnesium alloy frame makes the bike solid and well balanced.
• The stable, pumped up 30 cm wheels with shock absorbers make the bike stay firmly on the ground.
• The limited handlebar turning protects your child against falling and uncontrolled turning while riding.
• The non-slip rubber handles ensure a firm grip on the handlebar.
• The product’s safety has been confirmed by the independent Intertek laboratory.
• The product is produced and approved in accordance with the latest European safety standards – EN 71-1.
• The RAPID balance bike develops the sense of balance and ability to manoeuvre, and teaches correct behaviour on the road.

• The design is suited for young users – the bike can be used by children from three years!
• The soft, ergonomic seat features a large height adjustment range (33-42 cm) and allows you to adapt the bike to your child’s height.
• RAPID is very easy to turn, which means your child can easily manoeuvre it and practice motor coordination.

• Ultra-lightweight – it weighs just 3.75 kg, making it easy to carry by both parents and children.
• The one-piece frame is made of magnesium – the weight of the bike means it can be easily carried even on long walks if your child chooses to run or is tired and wants to go home.

• Frame: magnesium alloy
• Front fork: steel
• Handles: TPR rubber
• Wheels: rubber, pumped up

• length: 85 cm
• height: 53 cm
• handlebar width: 39 cm
• wheel diameter: 30 cm
• height to seat: 33-42 cm

Weight: 3.75 kg

Age: from three years old
Maximum load: 35 kg