There are no two identical families. The same is for Anex pushchairs. The brand designs them to suit different lifestyles and inspire parents to be who they want to be.  No matter where the road turns, style and convenience remain allies.

Designed for the urban lifestyle and daily use. 20+ features of Anex l/type will make any stroll great. Doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or raining outside.

Designed for parents who care about elegance. Anex e/type was inspired by this balance: gentle lines combine with a clarity of motion, soft shapes emphasize useful features.

Designed for the great outdoors. It’s easy to keep the active lifestyle with adjustable triple shock absorption and go-anywhere wheels. Anex m/type will help to stay in motion all year round.

Designed for exploring the world. Anex Air-X motivates not to slow down in searching for adventures. It takes 3 sec to unfold this buggy with one hand!

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