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What pram to choose?



We’re in the middle of the craziest time in our lives; shops are closed and people are fighting over toilet roll.  Here at Babyland, its all systems go! As best as we can!  The shop is closed to the public (today its 04/04/2020) but we have members of Team Babyland working from their homes on emails, web chat, private mails and website orders.  We’ve been working hard to get orders in early, and get them shipped as fast as possible.

The question that is coming up time and time again in communications – is from those parents to be who haven’t yet been to the shop, or haven’t yet finalised their decision.  There are so many prams, so many models, different prices, so much conflicting advice – how do you see through it?

Firstly: What does it all mean?

What is a PRAM?

When we say PRAM we mean a system that comprises of a carrycot, a seat unit and a chassis.

The carrycot allows baby to lie flat –  is suitable from birth to around 6 months.  Baby can be comfy and cosy, without being strapped in and restricted.  In the shop we always recommend using a carrycot for a newborn – we feel its the best position for a newborn, based on the above and the benefits for spinal development.  One of our brands, Inglesina have the carrycot absolutely covered.  They have created a large carrycot, with a ‘Welcome Pad’ mattress:

“WelcomePad ™ in bamboo fiber – anallergic and antibacterial it is perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. It adapts to the growth of the child thanks to the adjustable cylinder that supports the legs. The compact foam mattress has 40 holes for evenly spread ventilation”.

⭐️In the haste to cater for space and ‘practicality’ remember how important babies development is in the first weeks of their lives.⭐️


The seat unit, is exactly that.  Suitable from 6 months (some from birth) – walking age (approx).  Seat units mostly face both ways, so once out of the carrycot, baby can still face parent – and as they get older, they can then world face also.  Some seats can fold while on the frame, some it makes more sense to take them off (we can advise on individual systems) for a more compact set up.  Seats have different recline positions, and many have quite large hoods.  A fine example of  a ‘modern’ seat, is the Mamas & Papas Ocarro pushchair.  The seat is wide and long, padded and comfortable with a large hood.  It also folds on the frame inwards, protecting the fabrics when folded and super compact.  This is an older video from Mamas & Papas, but shows the points I’ve outlined. ⭐️You’re looking for space, comfort, a nice recline and a nice large hood!⭐️


The chassis is the frame the carrycot/seat unit/ car seat sits on.  You get big chassis and small chassis, big wheels, small wheels, 3 wheels or 4 wheels – there is a lot of choice!


Now that you know what is what… lets get to product!

The first few things I would be considering is:

⭐️About You⭐️

  • What suits you? (what style do you like?)
    • Traditional – big, bouncy, lots of space – size isn’t too much of an issue for you?
    • Modern – small, compact, easy to get in and out of the car or public transport?
  • Where do you live? (where will you be taking the pram?)
    • Do you need it just to on pavements as normal? Walks up the High Street? Along the prom? Walk to the park? (You don’t need an All Terrain!)
    • Woodland? Canal? Farm? Cobbles? You’ll need something that can handle this terrain.
    • Are you a mix of both????
  • What is your budget?
    • Be practical.  Have a realistic budget in mind.  Most prams now come as bundles, or you can build a bundle – we can do package deals etc.  This can include the basic 3 carrycot, seat unit and chassis – but you can add anything you want.  Car seats, bases, bags, footmuffs etc – some already include this in the price.
    • You do get what you pay for – it is like a buying a car, we say this time and time again.  In the same way you can get a car for £500, you can also get a car for £50,000!  You can buy a full travel system for £350 but you can also buy a travel system for £1500.

Being on lockdown, I would recommend being mindful of prices – if it seems to good to be true, it might just be! We stock a massive range of prams to cater for all tastes, all lifestyles and importantly all budgets! We offer package prices, payment plans, we hold prams, we deliver and we can send you demonstration videos and any information that you require.

Contact us today!

Yas x

Yas has been a member of Team Babyland since 2009.

She is a buyer, social media whiz, nursery industry trouble maker who makes a terrible cup of tea but does love a filter.

The points made  are the opinions solely of the blogger .