Kinderkraft Reclined Cradle SMARTFUN



The Kinderkraft Reclined Cradle SMARTFUN has been designed to make exploring enjoyable for your child.

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Kinderkraft Reclined Cradle SMARTFUN

Your child discovers the world through their senses, and that’s why various stimuli, such as sound and different textures, are important for their development. The Kinderkraft Reclined Cradle SMARTFUN has been designed to make exploring enjoyable for your child. The product has a musical mechanism that plays eight pleasant melodies to introduce your child to the world of music. The bar with detachable toys can be clipped in wherever you like on the frame – you can place stimulating components within your child’s line of sight. This will encourage your youngster to play and develop. The set includes a small mirror and rustling, soft book. The bouncer’s components match the SMARTPLAY mat. They can be used in both products, meaning your child will never be bored. SMARTFUN also features three vibration settings, which will soothe your child if needed.

• Produced in accordance with the requirements of European safety standard EN 12790.
• Three-point safety harness – the bouncer ensures even young children are in a safe and stable position while playing.
• Soft sides and wide crotch cover – the soft filling protects your child against direct contact with metal elements, and the crotch cover means that they can lie in comfort without the risk of chaffing.
• Rubber pads – the product features pads that prevent the bouncer from sliding around, and protect your floor against scratching.

• Material – the material used is easy to clean and dry.
• Simple assembly and disassembly of the bar – they toys can be attached at any height, meaning that whether your child is several days old or several months old, their favourite accessories are within arm’s reach.
• Convenient transport – the lightweight design (2.17 kg), small size and quick-fold option mean that you can easily take the bouncer on long trips.

• Detachable toy bar: a safe mirror and colourful, rustling book with an interesting story inside.
• Supports your child’s sensory integration and psychomotor development.
• Three vibration settings – rocking is natural for your child, so it’s no wonder that this function will help your youngster feel safe and calm.
• Sensory detachable toys – the mirror covered with material and rustling book with a story to tell and pictures of graphic themes
will definitely keep your child interested and improve the development of their senses.
• Eight melodies – the pleasant music will soothe, entertain or rock your child to sleep.
• Variety – the bouncer’s design matches the SMARTPLAY mat, and the attached elements can be moved between the two products, creating new compositions that develop your youngster every day. This means your child will never get bored, and will love reaching for new toys.

Material: 100% polyester
Dimensions: 49 x 55 x 49 cm
Weight: 2.17 kg

Power supply: 2 x 1.5V C batteries
Child’s weight: up to 9 kg